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Editor X Review 2022 – Easy To use, But Powerful Website Builder



A responsive website building platform can come in handy when you are trying to create a new website or an online store.

While there are dozens of website builders only a handful have earned the trust of thousands of consumers (especially web designers) across the world.

Wix’s Editor X is one of those website builders.


In this Editor X Review, I will talk you through the key features, pricing, pros & cons, and other aspects of this website builder.

By the end of this Editor X Review, you will be in a much better position to assess whether this website builder is worth your time and investment.

Editor X Overview

For starters, Editor X is a website builder from Wix.


As you might know, Wix is one of the most powerful website builders today.

The website builder commands a whopping 200 million user base globally.


In 2020, Wix launched their designer-oriented website builder called Editor X.

This website builder packs a ton of designer-friendly features.

The way Editor X website builder differentiates itself from Wix and other website builders is that it is meant for advanced web designers.

This platform is more for users who are tech-savvy and find most website builders to be limited in terms of design-related features.

Currently, the Editor X website builder is available only in English.

Getting Started with Wix Editor X

You can start the sign up process by clicking on the “Start Now” button on the top right of Wix Editor X website builder home page.


It will take you to a sign up page.

Here, you will have the option to either sign up using your email or sign up using Google/Facebook.

Once you sign up with this website builder, you will get a prompt to describe your workplace (freelancer, agency, enterprise, small business, student, and others).

You will also see a prompt requesting “who will you be building websites for”.

Choose the one that fits your requirements, and then you will see the Editor X dashboard with Templates and Wireframes.

By default, you will see Templates.

The Template section offers dozens of well-designed templates, arranged by business vertical.


The first template is a blank canvas, meaning you can start designing from scratch.

You will see beautiful templates organized by industries such as construction, fintech, interior design, beauty store, design & motion studio, gaming startup, electronics store, tech company, saas company, creative company, real estate agency, and more.

If you click on the Wireframes tab (on the top), you will be presented with a similar layout (Templates).


However, now you will see wireframe templates such as landing page, business site, ecommerce, services, portfolio, advanced portfolio, and advanced business site.

Alternatively, you can start with a blank canvas to design from scratch.

Wix Editor X Review: Features

Design & Layouting Features

CSS grid

This two-dimensional layout structure in Wix Editor X allows you to arrange content in columns and rows.

With help of this feature, you can easily add a grid to a section or container.


You can also change its structure and dimensions.

The biggest benefit of using a CSS grid is that it gives you precise control over the positioning of elements at every viewport to create a beautiful web design.


If you want to display dynamic content, you can use Wix Editor X’s multi-box layout tool, aka, Repeaters.


These use flexbox technology to make sure that your layout automatically adjusts to every screen size. 

For instance, you can use this functionality to display unique profiles with uniform styling on a “Team” page on a website.

This tool can be accessed in the Editor X dashboard, under the “Layout Tools”.

Editor X allows you to manually add data to each item of your Repeater.

Alternatively, you can sync data behind the scenes using its content manager.



This feature can be used to have your content adjust to every screen size using flexbox technology.

Layouter comes in handy when using structured layouts with multiple boxes to create a beautiful web design.

You can access this tool in the Add panel under Layout Tools of the dashboard.

You can choose from blank wireframes or designed layout suggestions.


Simply drag and drop the element on your canvas to start.

Layouter offers five display types- Columns, Rows, Mosaic, Slider, and Slideshow.

If you are getting started with layouter, try resizing items, reordering items, changing the layout, and adding an item to get familiar with its features.


Editor X’s smart docking system offers cool features.

For instance, it automatically docks to the closest edges when you drag an element into a container.

You have the freedom to override this and manually set your docking from the Inspector panel.


Here are a few things you can do using the Smart docking system:

  • Resize the canvas
  • Change margin value
  • Set margin unit
  • Drag & dock
  • Customize docking
  • Dock to center

Try these to get a better feel of this tool in Editor X.


Using this feature, you can view and manage the order of all the elements on a page. You can also check the parenting relationships between them. 


Layers panel allows you to rename your layers to stay organized. 

Text scale

This comes in handy when you want to set a minimum and maximum font size to ensure text gradually scales in with respect to the screen size. 


Editor X lets you save and reuse headers, sections, and footers on multiple pages.

You can make a change to the master and it will implement it across the website.

This saves much time and energy.

Theme manager

Using the theme manager in editor x, you can check the typography and color themes of a website and edit them as needed. 

Here, you can fully customize the text styles and color palettes of the website to create a beautiful web design. 

Viewport height

Often, a section on a website renders differently on different screen sizes. With viewport height, this will not be the case. You can define any section of a website to 100% viewport height. 

This will make sure that the section covers the full height of the screen, regardless of the device/screen size.

Resizing handles

You can use resizing handles on either side of the canvas to see and design a website at any viewport width.


Container padding

This is useful when you want to add spacing around the edges of any container. 

Designed assets & media features

Vector art

Editor X offers thousands of vector illustrations, shapes, and icons. You can also upload your own custom SVG files. 

Single Images

With Editor X, you can customize the size, position, and behavior of images at each breakpoint.

You can set sizing options, scroll effects, focal points, and more.

The tools allow you to control how images resize as the viewport width changes. 

For example, you can choose Fixed to keep an image at a set pixel size regardless of the device.

When you set an image to Fluid, it will adjust its width as per the viewport. 


And if you check the Scale proportionally checkbox, it will let you resize the image seamlessly with the viewport, while keeping the height and width in balance.

With Editor X, you can choose which part of an image you want to stay visible as the screen size changes.

Simply select the image, and click the Focal Point icon from the floating action bar.

Next, drag the blue dot to the desired spot (or click the spot).

Scroll effects allow you to add depth to your creations. You can find this functionality under Scroll Behavior in Settings.

Parallax and Reveal are the two effects available at present.

New Features: Templates & Academy X 

Since its release in 2021, Editor X has been making improvements to the platform.

When it started, it had just 8 templates.

Today, there are close to 40 templates.

The team behind Editor X should add more templates soon.

Another cool addition to the platform is Academy X.


It is an online library of video tutorials and hands-on exercises.

Here, you can learn almost everything about the Editor X platform. 

Here are some of the video lessons in Academy X:

  • Discover the workspace
  • Introducing Editor X
  • Getting Started
  • Sections
  • Grid
  • Element Hierarchy
  • Site Structure
  • Inspector Panel
  • Breakpoints

The lessons are organized under Editor X Essentials, Design & Layouting, Interactions & Effects, Elements & Components, Web Concepts, and Collaboration.

For example, the videos under Design & Layouting teach you how to size and dock elements. You will also learn how to work with advanced layouting tools like flexbox and CSS Grid.

If you want to learn how to add scroll effects, animations, and interactions, head over to the Interactions & Effects video section.

Editor X: Pricing

Editor X offers three pricing plans- Website Plans, Business and eCommerce Plans, and Enterprise plans.

Let’s discuss these editor x plans in detail.

Website Plans

This plan is perfect for personal projects and portfolios/blogs.

Again, here, you can choose from three plans- Ultra, Extra, and Essential.



This editor x package is available for $49 per month.

And you get a custom domain, free SSL certificate, 35GB storage space, 5 hours of video, visitor analytics app (free for 1 year), professional logo, social media logo files, and dedicated customer care.

The ultra editor x plan also allows you to remove Editor X branding to personalize your website.

This editor x package is available for $35 per month.

It has all the features available in the Ultra plan.

The difference here is that you get 20GB of storage space, and 2 hours of video.


This editor x plan is the cheapest of the three.

It costs $22 per month.

Unlike the Ultra and Extra editor x packages, this editor x plan does not come with the visitor analytics app (free for 1 year), professional logo, social media logo files, and dedicated customer care.

You get 10GB of storage space and 1 hour of video hours with the editor x Essential plan.

Business and eCommerce Plans

This editor x plan is perfect for online stores that need online payments, aka, ecommerce functionality.

This plan has three tiers- Scale, Boost, and Launch.



The Scale editor x package costs $165 per month.

This editor x plan comes with secure online payments, plans & recurring payments, customer accounts, customized domain, free domain for 1 year, 50 GB storage space, unlimited video hours, customized reports, and dedicated customer care.

With this editor x plan, you get the option to remove Editor X branding as well.


The Boost package from editor x costs $50 per month.

That is a big drop from the Scale editor x package.

This editor x plan comes with secure online payments, plans & recurring payments, customer accounts, customized domain, free-domain for 1 year, 35 GB storage space, 10 video hours, and dedicated customer care.

While this editor x plan has the option to remove Editor X branding, it does not offer customized reports.


The editor x Launch package costs $22 per month.

This editor x plan comes with secure online payments, plans & recurring payments, customer accounts, custom domain, zero cost domain for 1 year, 20 GB storage space, 5 video hours, and dedicated customer care.

This editor x package also offers the option to remove Editor X branding but comes without customized reports.

All three editor x plans allow you to sell on social channels, have unlimited products, and have abandoned cart recovery.

However, selling on marketplaces and subscriptions are only available with Scale and Boost editor x pricing plans.

Enterprise Plans

This editor x plan is for larger companies looking to scale their architecture.


Enterprise solutions from editor x come with personalized plans, a dedicated support team, enterprise-grade security, an org-wide design system, 1-on-1 consultation with industry experts, custom storage, coding & integrations; and continuous project monitoring, performance tracking, and site optimization.

Editor X Review: Customer service

You can reach Editor X’s customer support team by phone and email 24/7. 

Once you describe your request to a chatbot, you have the option to request a callback immediately or schedule a call for any time in the next five days.


I believe that Editor X drag and drop editor comes with several useful features for website creation.

Unlike most other website builders, this platform is great for people with some design experience.

Editor X comes with a flexible drag and drop editor that offers simultaneous editing and supports databases and API.

Editor X integrates with marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and HotJar.

On the flip side, editor x is not one of the most beginner-friendly website builders.

It surely has a higher learning curve.

Also, Editor X is not compatible with all Wix Apps available in the Wix app market.

While Editor X has around 40 templates, Wix offers over 800 templates.

However, unlike Wix and other website builders, Editor X offers simultaneous editing, which is a great feature for designers.

All in all, Editor X is one of the most powerful website builders out there for website creation.


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